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Our Philosophy

We know the most important aspect of business is communication - your product can be the most honest, necessary thing on the market, but if you can't communicate that, your advertising dollars will go to waste.

We believe part of the experience of visiting a website should be the experience itself. Let us help you create concise, persuasive copy that clearly communicates your company's benefits to your target clients, while building trust and keeping them engaged.

Meet the Copy Snobs


Erin Verginia

Copywriter, Content Creator

Before founding Copy Snobs, Erin enjoyed a 20-year career in Executive Support, obtained her degree from Bellevue College, and spent time as a travel writer.  She enjoys connecting with her audience through thought-provoking original content, honesty, and a hint of humor.  She specializes in content and copy writing, and traffic-driving blog creation.

She is also a notary public, and a Hawks fan.

Check out her portfolio on Contently.


Christian Jacobsen

Blogger, Storyteller

Christian Jacobsen is known as “The Business Storyteller.” Coming from a long history in the tech industry working for organizations such as NASA and Apple Computer, Christian has a deep understanding of communicating about hardware and software technology. Christian’s writing style informs without speaking down, and engages with good storytelling, not cheap flash. No matter what the writing project, Christian has the skill to deliver excellent content in record time.


Chris Thilk

Content Strategist, Social Media Consultant

Chris Thilk is a writer and social media consultant living in the Chicago suburbs. A lifelong Cubs fan (#flytheW), he has over a decade of experience managing and writing for content marketing programs, as well as a history of bylined op-eds on social media, movie marketing and more. You can find more at christhilk.com.

Next Steps...

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